Trackly, Insights for Instagram, Unfollower

With this application, users can analyze what is going on in your Instagram accounts in great detail. With various analysis options, users can quickly access a lot of information about your posts and followers. Users can quickly organize the users you follow with the options to bulk follow and unfollow.

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Many Analytics

Follower, posts and stories insights

Awesome Design

Lightweight design, easy to use app

Easy To Customize

It can be custimezed easily

24/7 Support

We offer fast solutions to problems that may occur.

Trackly Features

Followers and Followings Insights

User can list users who blocked, who unfollow me or who close their account


See the interaction between your friends

Media Insights

You can see your post performance

Story Performance

You can see your story performance, view all story viewers. Also, you can see archieved story viewers

Secret Story Watching

You can watch stories secretly.

Download & Repost

You can download posts, stories or igtvs and repost it.

Pricing Plan

If you want to have the app and have your own instagram analysis application in the play store, our options are as follows. Choose your plan and get started today!.


?. 00
One License


. 00 Ulimited License


. 00 Unlimited License & Custimization

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